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General Optical, Burton, Michigan (MI)

We provide diagnostics services in Michigan Address: 1235 South Center Road #16
Burton, Michigan (MI), 48509

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Your eyesight is one of your most valuable assets, and should be protected with quality eye health care. General Optical of Michigan provides extraordinary family eye care for children and adults of all ages.

Just as you want to ensure your familyís general physical health and wellbeing, you also want to give them the best possible vision care. This includes an annual eye exam. Your comprehensive eye exam at General Optical is performed utilizing the latest techniques and most advanced diagnostic equipment. Your exam will include glaucoma testing and screening for a wide range of ocular diseases. You will also be tested for possible vision correction, and given the most accurate prescription for your corrective lenses.

You may choose to be professionally fitted with one of the most desirable contact lenses brands, or select a beautiful pair of eyeglasses from their extensive selection of designer eyewear. General Opticalís eyewear boutique is served by talented optical professionals who will help you choose the perfect eyewear to suit your style and needs.

We provide diagnostics services in Michigan

We are serving (cities in Michigan): Burton, Flint, Fenton

Purchase these quality name-brand contact lenses in our optical clinic: Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses, Air Optix Contact Lenses

Phone: 810-744-1950
WebSite: General Optical
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