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Eyecare Connection, Waterford, Michigan (MI)

We provide diagnostics services in Michigan Address: 6756 Highland Road
Waterford, Michigan (MI), 48327

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Your family eye care professionals at Eyecare Connection welcome you to your local eyewear boutique. This outstanding optical store provides an amazing selection of the very finest designer eyeglasses and sunglasses frames in the industry. Eyecare Connection also provides their own on-site lab to fill your corrective lens prescriptions quickly and efficiently.

You can bring your prescription to the Eyecare Connection eyewear boutique, or you can schedule an appointment for a professional comprehensive eye exam with one of their highly trained eye care professionals. You will receive courteous care and a thorough vision screening exam utilizing the latest ocular diagnostic equipment, and the assistance of a professional optician in selecting your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Your eyesight is an extraordinarily valuable asset, and you want to ensure that you are getting the best optical services and vision correction products available. The Eyecare Connection is well known for the quality and professionalism of their optical services, and for a premium selection of premium designer eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and children’s eyewear.

We provide diagnostics services in Michigan

We are serving (cities in Michigan): Waterford, Highland, Huron Valley, Great Lakes area

You can buy glasses in our store from the following manufacturers: Elle, Oakley, Valentino

Phone: 248-666-9700
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Elle, Oakley, Valentino
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